Father’s Day Cake – Amici Gelato & Caffé

Gelato cake made with AP Distillery Whiskey Infused Caramel Ganahe, joined with AP Cigar hand rolled chocolate or vanilla cigar, and decorated with a golf ball and AP Distillery glencairn glass.


Milk Chocolate & Salted Butter Caramel Gelato – whiskey infused caramel ganache core – chocolate cookie bottom

Vanilla & Coffee Gelato – whiskey infused caramel ganache core – graham cookie bottom

Pistachio & Dark Chocolate Gelato – whiskey infused caramel ganache core – shortbread cookie bottom


All cakes include one golf ball, one hand rolled cigar, one glencairn glass

6″ / $45   –   8″ / $55   –   10″ / $65   –   12″ / $75

gluten free and vegan available +$5

Custom Desserts – Amici Gelato & Caffé

Email Us Your Custom Dessert Inquiry! img_4794-320x320-1357105 img_4787-320x320-4621652 PISTACHIO – pistachio gelato, amarena cherry core, coated in dark chocolate img_4781-320x320-1408729 HAZELNUT – hazelnut gelato, nutella core, coated in hazelnut ganache & chopped hazelnuts img_4780-320x320-9734530 TIRAMISU – tiramisu gelato, chocolate coffee core, coated in cocoa powder img_4783-320x320-3937464 LIMONCELLO – vanilla gelato, lemon custard core, coated in lemon ganache img_4786-320x320-7454748 FRUTTA – mango sorbet, raspberry core, coated in white chocolate TRADITIONAL BOMBA – vanilla & milk chocolate gelato, cherry & almond core, coated in milk chocolate SMORES – toasted marshmallow gelato, graham fudge core, coated in milk chocolate img_2920-320x320-8474855 pistachio gelato, chocolate ganache, chopped pistachio, shortbread crust hersheys-320x320-6460219 chocolate gelato, torched marshmallow, graham crust img_2915-320x320-9099555 hazelnut gelato, chocolate hazelnut ganache, hazelnuts, shortbread crust img_6405-320x320-8390364 oreo gelato, oreos, oreo crust img_3092-320x320-3512175 cheesecake gelato, strawberry or blueberry jam, graham crust img_2911-320x320-2831731 apple pie gelato, apple jam, caramel, shortbread crust img_3182-320x320-6264215 img_3175-320x320-6956801 img_3017-320x320-8018858 chocolate ganache, torched marshmallow rocher-mini-pie-320x320-1531241 chocolate hazelnut ganache, chopped hazelnut, rocher candy img_3624-320x320-2263392 feeds 10-12 – choice of chewy cookie and gelato filling screen-shot-2019-11-12-at-12-44-24-pm-320x320-3948358 6 to an order – choice of chewy cookie and gelato filling img_3170-1-320x320-6419949 img_3222-320x320-4081391 Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter img_3171-320x320-1081029 img_3223-320x320-7747627 img_3841-320x320-1165990 img_3661-1-320x320-2655964